Vegetarian and vegan Italian recipes


Do you like Italian food but you have not time enough to reach your favorite restaurant at lunch break?


Do you prefer eating food made of organic and, possibly, locally grown ingredients?


Are you vegetarian or vegan and are looking to diversify your diet?


Do you have a long meeting session, or maybe a long trialogue ahead of you tomorrow and you are desperate to cheer you up a bit at least when eating?


Have you got problem in digesting gluten and/or lactose and find it hard to find tasty gluten/lactose free meals at workplace?


Are you looking to reduce the consumption of meat for health reasons without renouncing to a tasty meal?


Do you want to contribute in reducing CO2 emissions and to support sustainable eating?


VegIt is the answer to several needs!


We do offer true Italian recipes that can fit well with dietary needs of vegetarians and vegans.


All the ingredients are organic and possibly, locally grown.


Well aware of how fast the intolerance to gluten and/or lactose is wide spreading, we do offer daily tasty Italian gluten and/or lactose free recipes.


The food will be served in glass jars and the  beverages in glass  bottles or tin cans while cutlery will be in metal.


Meeting lunch box will be served in paper and cardboard to facilitate its consumption during meeting sessions.


By choosing VegIt you’ll help to reduce CO2 emissions at least three times: by reducing the consumption of meat and, possibly, diary, by supporting organic production and by reducing throw away plastic packaging


And all that brought close your office for you to have a tasty and environmentally friend Italian lunch break!



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